Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Quick Database Diagrams?

Dovetail Technologies Ltd. Dovetail is a system integrator and custom software developer based Dublin, Ireland. We built QuickDBD just because we wanted it and thought others might appreciate it too.

Please contact us at if you are looking for bespoke software development or system integration services.

Will it always be free?

Basic functionality will always be free. We'd like to establish a freemium business model but we’re still working it out. For now it’s all free.

Don’t worry about losing access to your diagrams: whatever we do in the future, we will not deny you access to your diagrams if you created them using a free account.

Who owns the diagrams I create?

You do. Please note that diagrams are currently not private (we intend to implement privacy soon as a feature). This means that anyone can link to your diagram on the web. In fact, we might link to it ourselves if we really like it. Your email address will not be visible. See our Privacy policy for more details.

What’s your privacy policy?

Firstly, we simply won’t share your personal details with anyone.

Secondly, your diagrams are your property but there is no way to store them privately yet, so they may be shared on the web. For details see Privacy & Security.

Can I run Quick Database Diagrams on my own server?

Sure! It’s one of the ideas for our freemium service. Contact us and we’ll talk about it.